Welcome to Lareaus Bikes!

Lareaus R1

Welcome to Lareaus Bikes!

Thanks for dropping by and checking out Lareaus Bikes.

Who are we?

Whilst Lareaus Bikes is new, our team have been in cycling for over 40 years. Founder, Rick Jordan, has been actively involved in cycling for over 40 years, and continues a family cycling dynasty that dates back to the 1920's.

We have ridden and owned some of the best and oldest bikes in cycling (Colnago's, Eddy Merckx) as well as classic custom steel frames from Australian manufacturers such as Baronni and Ciombola. During the 90's, we learnt what worked for frame design, but more importantly learnt what didn't work.

We have raced across all levels (local, state, national, international), ridden around the world, and have experienced the beauty and freedom that cycling can offer.

Lareaus Bikes wants to share that beauty with you.

Why Titanium?

Lareaus Bikes chose Titanium over custom carbon for a number of reasons:

The ride

Titanium offers a supple, compliant ride, soaking up bumps like no other material. Advances in Titanium tube manufacturing has also meant tubes are now lighter and are able to be shaped in line with the different forces for cycling.

The look

In a sea of black carbon, nothing stands out like Titanium. Why get a carbon bike with metallic paint when you can have the real thing?


Carbon, whilst light and can be shaped into many different shapes, catastrophically fails.

Titanium lasts and can be repaired.

Why Lareaus?

The Lareaus brand name is based on the great Australian bird the seagull, which can be found all over Australia and the world.

Did you know?

The seagull is actually a black tipped silver tern (from the Laridae bird family)

Seagull in flight

As our Titanium frames are silver with black tips (tyres, saddle, handlebars), the seagull is our spirit animal.

Why should I consider Lareaus?

  • You're a cyclist who have been riding for a few years and have been bitten by the bug and want a bike that will last the 5 - 10 years.
  • You're a cyclist that wants to stand out from the crowd, and wants to own a bike that can take them anywhere across any terrain.
  • You understand that you don't need to spend the mega-bucks to have a beautiful ride.

Lareaus look forward to helping you experience all the beauty of cycling, riding a frame that will last.