Frequently asked questions

What is the ordering process?

Check the model that interests you and the geometry. Select the model that you like and add it to the Cart.

You can pay either a 50% non-refundable deposit, or the entire amount.

Once you have submitted your order, a member of the Lareaus Bikes team will get in contact you in 2 business days to confirm your frame details.

You will be sent the confirmation frame drawing.


What if I am in-between sizes or would something completely custom?

Lareaus Bikes understand that some people are unique and can be between sizes. The RC1 frame is the pinnacle of our range, and pricing includes a professional bike fitting session with the team at Power2Move who specialise in bike fitting and massage therapy.

We will critical measurements and design a frame that will fit you like a glove.

How long will the frame take to arrive?

The frame takes approx. 12 - 16 weeks to be built and shipped.

Can I order a complete bike?

Of course. Please email to discuss your requirements.

Why titanium?

Those who know, know.

But if you’re new to titanium, it offers a custom fit and a ride feel that is buttery smooth and comfortable, especially on Australia’s coarse chip bitumen and concrete roads.

It’s neutral, but springy like a steel frame.

It’s also long lasting, with titanium frames often lasting longer than 10 years.

Unlike carbon, if you happen to crash or drop a titanium frame, it won’t crack and fail.


How do I keep my frame clean?

A simple bath with dish soap will suffice. If you have a disc brake frame, try to minimise getting the discs wet.

Once you’ve cleaned the frame, give it a wipe down with a soft rag.

Titanium frames are notorious for getting fingerprints (often from people drooling over your frame and how pretty it is). Lareaus Bikes recommend a product such as Armor All car interior protectant, however we have heard excellent results can be had using furniture products such as Mr Sheen, Pledge. Even a drop of chain lube on a soft cloth.

Can you recommend components or bike shops?

Of course, please email for our recommendations. If you have you’re own preferred shop, let us know and we can assist in making sure they have the details for your build.